Claire McArdle

Studio #9

10145 N 65th St, Longmont, CO 80503

North of Nelson Rd on W side of 65th St, corner of Galatia & 65th. Large rural ranch — large barn behind horse barn is the Studio.

For thousands of years, following human kind’s self-realization, many forms of art have been created to give meaning to our existence. Artists created paintings, sculptures and dances to express the beliefs and myths of creation, man’s place in the universe, and his relationship to nature. My interest in art and mythology began as a child. I was drawn to the art and artifacts from the prehistoric and ancient world. 
My work is an extension of my constant revisiting of these myths and mysteries as I try to bridge the relationship between the ancient world and our modern existence. I aim to create timeless work that resonates with spirit and connects us to our common ancestors.

In my process, I explore the experiences of human emotion, our connection to the land, animals and the divine. I have a passion to work in earthy materials, clay, stone and bronze. I strive to create sculpture with a balance between the ethereal form and the earthy material, leaving evidence of my process with marks of my tools and hands.

Fifteen years ago I moved my studio to a working ranch in Colorado. My work with animal imagery has grown out of that period. It reflects the revitalized relationship I have with the land and animals and also my deepened awareness of the natural cycles of life and death.

Sculpture, Ceramic, Drawing, Mixed Media

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