Claire McArdle

10145 N 65th St, Longmont, CO 80503

North of Nelson Rd on W side of 65th St, corner of Galatia & 65th. Large rural ranch — large barn behind horse barn is the Studio.

I have been creating sculpture in terra cotta and marble for over 30 years. Working in a subtractive method my figurative works emerge from the material from my subconscious mind bringing forth a representation of the feminine archetype. I strive to create a harmony between the ethereal form with the earthly material, leaving evidence of the process with the marks of my hands and tools. Humans have sculpted female torsos in this way since prehistoric times, perhaps in a ritualistic way. I also evoke this universal archetype as I aim to create timeless works that resonate with spirituality and connect us to our ancestors.

I source my material from quarries in Italy and Portugal to obtain various colors and textures that contribute to the contrast between the rough marks of my tools and the smooth polished surfaces that bring out the unique color and veining of each block that I hand select. My clay is also mined near the marble quarries in Italy where ceramic sculptures and utilitarian objects where made with it by the Etruscans. The surfaces are then coated with many layers of terra sigillata, a technique used by clay artists in antiquity.

I have created monumental works for institutions and private collections, and two parks in Japan. I am currently focusing on work for my galleries, and wall installations.

Sculpture, Ceramic, Drawing, Mixed Media

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