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Juni Margrie

670 West Pine Street, Louisville, CO, USA


I make functional pieces from fine porcelain clay. My aim is to celebrate the joy and comfort that plants and flowers bring us. Once formed, I hand carve botanical themed illustrations onto the entire surface of my pieces. I then inlay those carvings with stained slip (a technique known as 'mishima', which originated in Korea). After the first bisque firing I will paint the colorful accents with underglazes, often mixing my own colors and blending and layering them. The final glaze firing is to cone 5 with a hold as that encourages the translucency in this particular clay body.

Most of my pieces are wheel-thrown but I also enjoy hand building slab pieces. I actually have an engineering background (I earned my Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where I'm originally from), and probably because of that my preference tends to be in making utilitarian pieces with good design principles. I like the idea of my pieces being used, handled, on a daily basis.


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