Renate Mairie

4593 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

B 200
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My desire to convey the beauty and meaning I find in the world drives me to creative expression. My primary exploration is that of the galactic and eternal. I am fascinated by stars, planets, atmosphere and how connected these are to Mother Earth and her very existence, indeed, all of life's existence here in the Milky Way. I strive to connect a sense of wonder to the human observation, evoking contemplation of the primary, eternal question, what is the meaning of it all? Such an extreme amount of coincidence exists that makes life on our beautiful planet possible, I cannot help but ponder the intelligence behind its design. I metaphorically excavate the Earth, looking for its original roots and then I delight in all the various layers of history I find along the way.

My passion for collaboration is also a driving force that contributes to my artistic identity, including my role as arts educator within the Boulder community. Teaching provides me with an important experience of lifelong learning, and is one of the most fulfilling roles I embody. I teach beginning printmaking and facilitate art-talk therapies with private clients from my studio.

Printmaking, Painting, Mixed Media

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