Kay MacDonald

Studio #133

320 Inca Pkwy, Boulder, CO 80303

Turn south onto Inca Parkway off of Baseline Road. House is on the East side of the street (which has a median).

All of my life, I have collected quotes. My current artist's objective is to combine the Asian-style brushwork ink art (that I've done in the past) with my favorite quotes. Those that I think are most meaningful and succinct are chosen, after which I devise a visual image that helps illustrate the quote's feeling or message. My favorite quotes deal with spirituality, Eastern philosophy, Nature, simplicity, and "waking up" to our impermanence.

I also do abstract expressionist style art using acrylic paints and soluble graphite on mostly paper and canvas. I especially like monochromatic geometric minimalism which speaks well in today's modernist interiors. If I'm not using deep darks and lights for strong contrast in my abstract work, I prefer the opposite: fauvist colors.

My favorite abstract artists are Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Franz Kline, and Pablo Picasso. The majority of my work is on 18x24 paper.

Painting/Acrylic/Oil, Mixed Media

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