Linda Lowry

Studio #105

807 Aurora Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

I am a painter and printmaker who also works in mixed media. I got my MFA in Painting and Drawing at UC, Boulder in the eighties and I have been making art and teaching since that time including chairing two college art departments.

I have participated in Open Studios several times. My work is based in observation; however, it is becoming increasingly narrative and invented. Many of my current paintings are using water imagery and figures to explore contemplative and Odyssey themes. A writing class and recent art viewing trip to NYC have birthed some new ideas that have to do with life stages and other epic stories. My plan is to work on watercolor monotypes and oil paintings that deal with similar themes. I like how the two processes feed one another.

Printmaking has unpredictable aspects and some spontaneity that I do not experience in oil painting. I now own an etching press. Some of my monotypes are completely invented with stencils, chine colle' and watercolor monotype.

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

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