Linda Lowry

807 Aurora Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

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I have drawn and painted as long as I can remember. I grew up on a beautiful piece of land in Connecticut that belonged to two of my three artist great-grandparents. Land, water, architecture and art inspired me.

In graduate school at UC, Boulder, I began painting interiors of older architecture with a contemporary sensibility. For almost thirty years, I painted inside eclectic homes, art deco theaters, and old adobe structures.

Traveling and teaching painting in Europe and Indonesia inspired paintings of sculptures, gardens, and architecture from my travels.

For over twenty-five years, I taught college art and chaired two art departments. I taught painting workshops in France, Italy, CO, NM, ME and FLA, as well as children’s art workshops. I continue to teach painting and mixed media workshops.

Teaching is a wonderful balance to making art. Teaching at different colleges influenced my work. Thirteen years ago, teaching at Santa Fe Community College, I was introduced to the monotype and mixed media.

My work has always been based in observation and narrative. It changes as my life and art experiences change. I continue to paint from observation and there is a strong figurative element. In 2012, I had a solo show at Goodwin Fine Arts of thirty-two oil paintings called “Water Nymphs.” I became obsessed with imagery of water and figures playing and contemplating in water.

Shortly, thereafter, I worked with four different master printers and my work went in new directions and continues to do so. Monotypes and monoprints felt spontaneous and playful to me. Painting is often employed in my printmaking. I combine the two and I move between the two.

I like to tell and invent stories as an entry point. Printmaking allowed my narrative to become more invented and playful. These prints are part of a series called the "Acropolis" series inspired by a printmaking residency in Skopelos, Greece. After visiting the Acropolis Museum, I was inspired to create my own version of the evolution story beginning with plants.

My recent paintings have been somewhat biographical. From my early interiors to now, I still incorporate influences of other artists. There are reoccurring themes and proclivities in my work and I am a life long learner, who likes to keep exploring.

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

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