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Susie Levin

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

2907 55th St, Boulder, CO 80301

UNIT 4B - Pearl to 55 left, same building as Baby Goat Coffee

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My abstract art is not created in the loose way that most abstracts seem to be. I create it in an organized, planned, almost architectural way, derived from my past experience as a graphic designer when preparing a layout for an ad. Precise drawings are always part of my process. Inspiration for my work comes from my love for details and shapes from things around me, many times jewelry pieces from fellow artists. I’ll look at something small and envision it really large on a wall. Many times I’ll add numbers because they seem to add thought or purpose and a striking presence to the abstract space. I have stretched many canvases but more recently enjoy the raw look of wood panels, layering and sanding the paint. This also led me to loosen up lines and fall in love with imperfections. I add dimension to my work by sculpting wood pieces and placing them within windows of my panels. I feel like these carved pieces are a bit of an adventure, both in allowing me to work three dimensionally and also to step away from my paints, easel and studio and work in my husband’s art studio full of power tools. I have always been intrigued with the combination of painting and sculpture. I am recently adding paper to my pieces working to collage layers with my acrylic paint. I like to push my limits on each piece. “It's like taking a recipe, but never sticking to the exact ingredients”.

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