Mitch Levin

2907 55th St, Boulder, CO 80301

UNIT 4B - Behind Baby Goat Coffee shop at 55th and Pearl

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My work is a collection of found and fabricated elements. Using an arsenal  of materials that run the gamut from steel and stone to wood and plastic, I create objects that are emotionally aesthetic as well as functional. Over the 40 plus years of designing and making what I hope to treasured pieces I find myself constantly challenging my abilities and process . I like not only to create outside the box, but to challenge the viewer as well to discover things they have forgotten in the past and reconnect with objects that bring joy, positive memories, and whimsical reaction! My use of color can often be found in my work as a identifier to my style and thematic approach. I find being very prolific offers me the luxury as an to artist to move quickly thru many pieces often at same, to help refine my craftsmanship and constantly learn new processes!

Sculpture, Wood,Metal, Mixed Media

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