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Madison Levin

Mixed Media, Fiber, Ink& Marker

2907 55th St, Boulder, CO 80301

UNIT 4B - Pearl to 55 left, same building as Baby Goat Coffee

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I am an artist in many forms and dabble in quite a few areas. My designs are inspired by my many years of studying theatre and combining the old with the new, creating timeless and unconventional pieces. I create upcycled apparel, fantastical illustration, handmade bags, purses, and jewelry, and design and create home decorating accents. Each piece of apparel is uniquely different and is embellished with buttons, patches, handmade pins, assorted designs, etc., making the clothing line eco-friendly. The bags, purses, and necklaces are fully handmade and sewn together, including the leather tassels. The illustrations are imaginatively created with a theatrical twist, many including antique frames. The home decorating accents are a large variety of different goods, some hand painted and carved.

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