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Ora Levi


925 Lawn St, Boulder, CO 80303

Between Baseline and Cherryvale Roads, in East Boulder.

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My work with textiles begins with a deep collaboration between living plants and sustainable fibers. Each Spring, I plant seeds that contain a live palette of traditional dyes and work them into my clothing and textile collection. I bring the bark, foraged leaves, flowers and clay-like mud gathered from our land back into my textile studio and create one of a kind pieces that tend to be symbolic of our wild, beautiful environment and the natural cycles of life.  

My textile work is often experimental employing traditional and sustainable fiber art techniques such as mud resist, tapestry weaving, rust dyeing, indigo vat dyeing, eco printing, embroidery and plant pigment extraction in my Boulder studio.  

I hope my fiber art and one of a kind, naturally dyed, sustainable clothing collection invokes a sense of beauty, enchantment and sustainability.

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