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Khiri Lee

Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking

5613 Pioneer Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people's imagination, to communicate new stories into the world that serve our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all.   

I am constantly inspired by the simultaneously grounded and celestial magick of the crystal realm. The Crystal Shrine collection was born during the 2021 Open Studios tour. Weaving mixed media elements with watercolor crystals, these shrines are a powerful substitute for a real stone. Like a sigil, they are infused with specific magick to honor the energy of a specific crystal itself, without removing something precious from the beauty of the Earth. These shrines bring a crystalline magick into the spaces they inhabit. Shining with clarity. Activating colorful life. Summoning joy. Attracting beauty and harmony. Dispelling negativity. Sparking curiosity, inspiration, and a spectrum of pleasure.

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