Khiri Lee

5613 Pioneer Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

I'm Artwitch and Creatrix Khiri Lee, and my art practice is steeped in sacred, performance, and ritual art. The art I make is woven with magick. I call myself an artwitch because each painting I create is infused with intention. I seek to call in archetypal energies and revisit old myths through color, texture, and symbolism, exploring how they can spark a new story today.

My work is heavily influenced by my time with the non-profit Turning the Wheel Productions, where I facilitated art and movement workshops for over a decade, honing my skill for bringing embodied movement into an art practice that results in deeply sacred and community building works. This practice is most evident in my participatory installations and performances, such as the Wishing Well Cavern at Enchanted Forest in Missoula, MT or Animal Allies Procession with the Body Earth Collective at the MCA Denver Parade for the People in Denver CO.

My round mixed media paintings, grown from a deep love of symmetry and magic, are highly textured and utilize a combination of acrylic mono-printing and paper collage. The pervasive and global connection of circles to the sacred captivates me, and is a form I consistently return to when painting. The mixed media elements come from a passion for printmaking, introduced to me while completing my BA in Art History from the University of Colorado, and deconstruction, inspired from my studio residency at the Art House in Chicago. I create my own prints, patterns, and papers to cut and then reconstruct. This repetition of imagery speaks to the repetitive nature of wishing and storytelling.

This past year my artistic focus has been with a new series titled “Poems for Pollinators.”

I stood next to a triumphant patch of milk thistle and felt the bees thrumming the air. I knew I needed to capture that exhilaration in paint and color. On these canvases I share my hopes for a world that continues to thrive with bees, birds, butterflies, and flowers. The pollinators are essential beings. Unfortunately, with global warming and pesticides, pollinators are in grave danger of disappearing. When I feel this fear I paint with intention to call them back, to protect the bees, to honor the birds and bats, to weave a sacred circle of protection around life.

The other way I am engaging with pollinator magick is through my latest zine project, 52 Petals. Writing zines began as a way for me to share art monthly with my Patreon Patrons, and has evolved into a great passion. Anyone can write a zine, which is a self published booklet or pamphlet. I write a weekly zine, folded from one sheet of paper. The theme of 52 Petals is the language of flowers. Each issue explores a different bloom and ways to incorporate them into everyday magick. I also explored the kingdom of birds in 2019, and the realm of crystals in 2020. Zines are an exciting tool for getting your personal message out in the world without having to go through formal channels, so it is another way for me to share my voice as an artist and a witch.

In 2020, in response to the Global Pandemic, I pivoted my practice to bring art and ritual to the digital world through online platforms like, and Through live streaming I am able to share my artistic process with people all over the globe. On Twitch I have had viewers from Australia, Argentina, Canada, and Scotland, to name a few. This weaving of global experiences has opened my eyes to a practice of art and magick outside of my western experience, which has shifted the way I engage with my process. It is a joy to bring people into my studio through the opportunities such as Twitch.

Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people's imagination, to communicate a new mythos into the world that serves our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all.

Mixed Media, Printmaking

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