Khiri Lee

5613 Pioneer Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

What makes the world a better, more magickal, more colorful place? Art!

I strive to fill the world with something beautiful and meaningful. Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people's imagination, to communicate a new mythos into the world that serves our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all.

I'm Artwitch and Creatrix Khiri Lee, and my work is steeped in sacred, ritual, and performance art. Using mixed media and movement, I am inspired to work with myths and deities that are archetypically relevant to our modern lives. Each piece is infused with intention. Each painting is a building block in a new mythos, chipping away at the old paradigm and creating a mythology unique to my place in the world. The result is a personal language of color, texture, rhythm, and beauty reflected in mixed media paintings, installation art, dancing, and zines.

My work is heavily influenced by my time with the non-profit Turning the Wheel Productions, where I facilitated art and movement workshops for over a decade, honing my skill for bringing embodied movement into an art practice that results in deeply sacred and community building works. This practice is most evident in my participatory installations, such as the Wishing Well Cavern at Enchanted Forest in Missoula, MT or the Healing Helix at Arise Festival in Loveland, CO.

“Mandala” is loosely translated from sanskrit as “circle”, and has evolved from its original meaning in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to encompass a wide variety of ideas, ranging from Jungian explorations to 13th century Labyrinths.This pervasive and global connection of circles to the sacred captivates me, and is a form I consistently return to when painting. My mixed media paintings, grown from a deep love of symmetry and magic, are highly textured and utilize a combination of acrylic mono-printing and paper collage. The mixed media elements come from a passion for printmaking, introduced to me while completing my BA in Art History from the University of Colorado, and deconstruction, inspired from my studio residency at the Art House in Chicago. I create my own prints, patterns, and papers to cut and then reconstruct. This repetition of imagery speaks to the repetitive nature of wishing and storytelling, creating a visual mantra in every piece. This style is particularly evident in my Wishing Well Mirrors Series, Pollination Shields, and my most recent series of Invocation Paintings.

In addition to painting I am an avid Zine Creatrix, bringing my expertise in art together with inspirational writing. I have presented at several local Zine Fests and advocate for the Zine Scene in Boulder, CO. I am the creator of the zines T H R I F T W I T C H and 52 Feathers. Each issue of T H R I F T W I T C H is an intimate exploration of the Wiccan wheel of the year with unique mixed media art, recipes, poems, and rituals. 52 Feathers was written weekly in 2019, featuring different bird messengers, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual for magic and bird lovers alike. Past issues include Crow, Eagle, Robin, Owl, and Kestrel. In 2020 I began my second weekly zine project, 52 Facets, an investigation of the magickal world of gems and crystals. I am particularly interested in changing the position of zines in the hierarchy of fine arts, bringing public attention to this flexible and accessible art form.

Mixed Media, Printmaking

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