Dona Laurita

8 Chesebro Way, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Eldorado Springs Art Center. South on Broadway three miles outside Boulder to State Highway 170. Head west (right) on S.H. 170. Travel 3 miles. The last 1/2 mile is dirt road. Look for Art Center sign.

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As a visual artist, I thrive on collecting, capturing, and recording stories in a non-verbal way. When I record what I see through my camera’s lens, I am recording a story by stringing together captured moments of experience in a way that can sometimes leave an impression very similar to, if not deeper than, a written or spoken story.


For me, working creatively in any artistic medium is a deeply beautiful and meaningful way of communicating to the world our fears, loves, wants, and frustrations, as well as our spirituality, history and who we are in the present. When we tell our story through visual art, there is an opportunity to tap into an innate voice that is distinctly ours. Nobody can do it for us, and nobody can take it away. It is a unique representation of who we are. 

Photography, Mixed Media

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