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Shayna Larsen


520 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 80302

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The more I connect to nature the more peace I feel.   I started painting 5 years ago as a creative outlet and quickly came to realize painting is a necessity in my life. Witnessing the dance between the pigment and my brush makes me feel truly alive. I'm constantly experimenting and learning and have found that keeping my palette limited allows me to focus on the connection between the viewer and the subject.   

Watercolor is my current preferred medium, the unpredictability feels like magic. In my play, and in community with Gigi Lambert, I have learned how to paint large scale watercolors. This process adds several steps, but the final scale and impact is worth it! I finish each large piece with a cold wax medium that gives a subtle sheen and enhances the depth.   

I am currently working on a series where I incorporate foraged pigment from my local hikes in Boulder. Crushing small, million year old Rocky Mountain rocks into handmade watercolor pigments is a wonderfully meditative adventure that seems to add a beautiful layer of meaning to the final piece.

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