Danielle Lanslots

103 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

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I'd say that the word 'atmospheric' is most commonly used to describe my aesthetic. And the aesthetic that each painting arrives at seems to reflect the essence of my creative process as well - there is a tenderness, a gentleness that comes through in my work, which reflects the emotional fluidity that I experience during the painting process.

I make most of my own oil paint using foraged earth pigments. Earth pigments can be found in rocks and soils, and I love to spend hours outside, collecting tubs of dirt. I process my materials using several different methods and then mull the pure pigment into artist-grade oil paint. Sourcing earth pigments and making my own paint is a very fulfilling process, as it gets me out of my studio and into the natural world, which is my biggest source of inspiration.


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