Andy Lacy

Studio #137

376 W Sycamore Ln, Louisville, CO 80027

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I graduated from Bucknell University and have a Master’s Degree from Emory University. I also studied Art and Philosophy in Florence Italy with a focus on the Art and Art History of Europe. I am a world traveler and active outdoor sports enthusiast, and I try to bring that to the viewer. I call my style Experiential Realism. This means two things to me. First, I often pick settings where I have had outdoor sports experiences such as hiking, surfing, or snowboarding, and these paintings reflect my experiences in that environment. I may have a photograph of a setting to work from, but I add to it based on my experiences. In some settings, I have spent countless hours surfing or snowboarding there or near there and this greatly influences my work. I want to give the feeling of not just being there but being engaged there.

Second, I love to paint not just what I see but what I experience. My painting represent how I feel about a setting and a moment. I don’t always represent a scene exactly as I see in a photograph. I often move things around and mix elements to evoke the right feeling for a scene. This might entail changing a sky, adding an element, changing a season, or rearranging a mountain. I love the interplay between the sky and the weather and its effect on the land and sea. My goal is to show the incredible diversity and  beauty of nature, and to paint pictures that hopefully resonate with people who have been to those places or want to go. I want to make you want to be there and experience it the way I have.

My style keeps evolving. I am always testing new techniques and using new tools (palate knives, sponges, my hands, etc.) to create different looks. It is one of the exciting things about being an artist, to truly test and evolve.


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