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Carol Kozlowski

Painting/Oil/Acrylic, Mixed Media

Online Booking

Visitors are welcomed to my studio by appointment.  Contact me at

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Moved to San Francisco in 1970. Relocated to Colorado in 1999. My studio: "12 paws" is nestled in the woods behind my home in Coal Creek Canyon, Co., surrounding me with nature as I work.

Risk, surprise and the unknown is why I paint. It is about the moment. The preparation is a meditative process although knowing that changes may happen as I begin. Soon after I apply the ink, paint, whatever medium I may be using, space between the raw canvas and the medium appears. Mistakes, the human aspect, allows new creative avenues to open. Pours, drips. lines and staining generate a partnership. Gravity is my collaborator. The raw canvas plays an important part as it absorbs or distributes the medium. After the painting is completed, I encourage the viewer to run their hand over the canvas to experience the depth and surface tension created. Color adds life!

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