Carol Kozlowski

11359 Ranch Elsie Rd, Coal Creek Canyon

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Moved to San Francisco in 1970. Relocated to Colorado in 1999. My studio: "12 paws" is nestled in the woods behind my home in Coal Creek Canyon, Co., surrounding me with nature as I work.

Risk, surprise and the unknown is why I paint. It is about the moment. The preparation is a meditative process although knowing that changes may happen as I begin. Soon after I apply the ink, paint, whatever medium I may be using, space between the raw canvas and the medium appears. Mistakes, the human aspect, allows new creative avenues to open. Pours, drips. lines and staining generate a partnership. Gravity is my collaborator. The raw canvas plays an important part as it absorbs or distributes the medium. After the painting is completed, I encourage the viewer to run their hand over the canvas to experience the depth and surface tension created. Color adds life!

Painting/Oil/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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