Amanda Knutson

Studio #123

997 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

I love replacing everyday utilitarian objects with handmade works of art. I feel that this helps one slow down and appreciate a tactile understanding of what may otherwise seem to be a mundane use of an item. My goal is to create pieces that give character and awareness to the daily experiences from drinking from a mug, eating out of a bowl, to hiding keepsakes in a jar, and so many more. I seek to enhance and enrich the daily happenings with items that can be enjoyed in subtle, yet gratifying ways.

In 2012, I completed my undergrad studies in ceramics & psychology at Coe College, a small liberal arts college in Cedar Rapids, IA. Upon graduation, I began a year-long artist residency at the Iowa Ceramics Center. While ceramics had been a major part of my life for nearly a decade, I made a dramatic shift from Iowa to Boulder, CO and found myself submerged in the cycling event industry.

After a four-year hiatus, I am pleased to have reunited with my love for clay and to be diving in head-first! I now find myself as a member at the Boulder Potters’ Guild and recently built myself a small personal studio space in my garage in east Boulder. I get lost in time in my studio while long hours are spent throwing, trimming, glazing, loading, firing kilns, and photographing. Porcelain and BMix are my clays of choice with glazes including celadons, shinos, underglazes, and more.

While I do enjoy creating graphics to be creatively positioned on pots as decals, my heart currently lies in the continued exploration of atmospheric firings and working with celadon glazes over hand-carved pieces. My process and work is forever evolving and each day brings a new learning opportunity. It gives me great pleasure to be working again and I am enthusiastic to discover where this path takes me.


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