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Wendy Karnish

Clothing, Fiber, Jewlery

2670 Hawthorn Pl, Boulder, CO 80304

Off Folsom between Glenwood and Iris.

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I have been designing and sewing clothes since childhood. My main inspiration has been fabric: the drape, the color, how it feels on the body. One of my favorite things is to combine fabrics and trims in a garment, most recently laces, crochets, linen and cotton. I love repurposing fabrics and have made several jackets and vests from tablecloths. When I make the pieced silk scarves, I start with the base fabric and collect other textures and colors to work with the base fabric.

I have been making jewelry for over 40 years, and have recently been enamored with the freshwater, blister and unusual shapes of pearls which move the pearl out of the preppy graduated realm and into an artform from nature.

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