Millicent Kang

495 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

Walk down the driveway through the gate to enter the back yard studio.

Due to the pandemic, how we live and engage with one another have been forever altered. As a result, my interests lie in innovative and creative ways to move forward. Creating, thinking creatively, celebrating the small moments and offering a positive outlook during these trying times and beyond is how I choose to engage with community.

Vibrant colors, varying textures, strong forms and a commitment to positive connections with one another and the natural world remain the constant goal for my life and art. Working in mixed media using layers of acrylic paint with etchings, paper, beads, mirrors and other found objects, enables me to continue to evolve pieces over time and add new elements as I choose. This approach embraces change an an inevitable part of the life experience and allows pieces to remain in the realm of "what's next."

I believe that the spaces we thoughtfully curate and create for ourselves enhance our lives, how we move through the world and the impacts we have upon others.

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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