Margaret Johnson

4593 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304


The most important thing in creating my artwork is finding joy throughout the process. This joy comes directly out of working with color, whether placing color on paper, panel, or plate. By using palette knives and paint brushes, paints, and printmaking inks I find so much happiness there. Pulling one of a kind prints, getting the paint down, discovering the unknown, the process is meditative, informative, and reflective. While the experience is joyful, the outcome is a calming.

About twenty-five years ago I discovered both meditation and painting. I had always wanted to be an artist but this desire was delayed. When I started painting my artwork was complicated and deeply layered like my childhood. My family story was published this year and selected by Oprah Winfrey as her book club selection in April 2020. The title of the book is Hidden Valley Road. Oprah interviewed me recently for her book club. You can view the interview on Apple TV +starting on June 6th.

My art is inspired by nature, relationships, and the boundaries you establish to create health and well being. This is of primary importance to me. By creating art, setting boundaries, and getting out in nature I stay focused and expansive. Consistently focusing on the studio practice helps inform me about what is next in my artistic endeavors.

Currently my work is about the experience of living a life with intention. The boundaries, the intersections, even the simplification are all a part of the awareness that stems from practicing meditation and gratitude. These concepts translate naturally into my creative workflow. My art and my life are blended together and art is life and life is art.

Painting/Oil, Photography, Printmaking

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