Jennifer Johnson

Studio #45

1715 Upland Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

My art is influenced by the natural world around me – the dance of shapes, light against shadow; even the mood of a moment plays a part. I search for paintings within paintings or sketches. By looking at things in micro-scale, compelling compositions often emerge. I use a mixture of gesso and marble dust to build texture, sometimes fusing bits of fabric or paper to the surface. Working with acrylics like watercolors, I add and remove pigment as well as rub, wash and scrape with both palate knife and brush. Somewhere between deliberation and letting go, shapes begin to reveal themselves, an idea evolves and becomes the story of the canvas. My paintings usually fall somewhere between abstract and figurative. People see different things in them, and I like that certain shapes, lines and colors can trigger an emotion or memory. I believe that this is the point of art and fundamental to what makes us human. Art speaks – we just need to take the time to listen, and allow ourselves to be moved.


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