Kathleen Spencer Johns

Studio #54

1345 Linden Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

One block east of Broadway

Capturing the spirit of life and letting it speak to the depths of ones soul is why I paint. It is a vehicle for appreciating humanity and nature more intimately, and a way to share this richness with others. To see in what you have created, the object, yourself, and something of the mystery of life is deeply fulfilling. There is so much that can be expressed through the art of creation, so many intimate connections to be felt and shared. In paint, I search for what makes art, and what makes great art. In paint, I try to express the intensity of life as I see it and feel it. There is no end to the visual images in one’s life. Each image that I create, each emotion that I express, and each painting that I complete stimulates me to create again.

Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

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