Ugljesa Janjic

Studio #12

7317 Mt Meeker Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1958, Ugljesa Janjic came to the United States to attend the Univ. of Washington's architectural program in Seattle. At that time watercolor was the preferred medium for architectural illustration because of its rapid application and efficiency. In his post-graduate years, Janjic meandered through many jobs – from urban planning to graphic design, architecture, and interior design – all through three continents and multiple cultures.


Throughout these stages and transitions, the constant was always his thirst to express his creativity in watercolor painting. Thus began a lifelong passion that has taken him far beyond rendering homes and office buildings in scenes of urban life and the pastoral, idyllic Rocky Mountain of the West. Watercolors require skilled timing in application, and Janjic found that the urgent nature of their application suited his personality and sensibilities. He believes in the beauty of the moment, of the uncomplicated, and trusts that the eye will fill in the blanks perfectly to complete the story on canvas.


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