Nathan Hutchinson

Studio #62

3015 17th St, Boulder, CO 80304

Born in Indiana, 1975. Began drawing and painting seriously starting in 1999. Although i had always drawn, there was never a completed piece of art beyond a sketch. Moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2001 mainly to study briefly with Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. But on a deeper level, how could we ever really be fully clear as to why any decision is taken. I do believe there is a subtle form of mental magnetism that draws people to make decisions.


Situated almost in the geographic center of the United States, the front range mountains, the wild winds and intense weather, create a landscape that has much creative energy flowing through for the active mind to draw upon. My initial years in Boulder I spent most of my time alone either in the studio or in the woods or wilderness. Living very much like a monk, studying and practicing, forming a discipline. The reclusive way of life is still attractive but less necessary than before. I ask my community to always remember, someone has to play the Hermit card. Inspiration was rarely lacking and as a rule I worked through all times depressed or uplifted, looking toward the middle ground, all the while learning what it is like to oscillate through extremes and hopefully record them in artistic form. I have learned that when I personally feel inspired and successfully put that into the language of painting, that inspiration can be transferred to another receptive person. When one is truly inspired that person is in a space of personal power, mental and physical clarity, where they are open to passing this on to another. A Gift to be given and a spiritual science to be looked into continuously.


To my perspective, all beings seek enlightenment. In this maze of life, perhaps to be enlightened is when one does less and less harm to others, and can perceive the labyrinth like quality of day to day existence; that there is a real meaning and necessity to what we go through here with Earth....and so those that do harm to others are not in a space of clarity; unenlightened people, like the politicians, for the most part, so far. Why do we allow them the position of leadership? As our beautiful planet is more and more enveloped with war and pollution we need Clarity of Vision, with a quickness. The True visionaries of the world need to be put in a more responsible, respectable position in society, as in days of old. The active artist of any field of art can be looked to for aid in this work to create a more wonderful world, one that works for all, not the few.


This is my vision, it is a life’s work, it will be continued in order to give homage to our lovely world. I thank all community for the inspiration. My concerns in life are with the ending of pollution, of any kind, the transformation of society into one that enables sustainable choices, endurance of health, the worldwide effort to preserve and restore the wild lands so we may preserve and restore ourselves. I have the greatest concern for the safety and longetivity of the Aboriginal peoples of any lands. I would love to see our technologically dependant society looking more to The Primordial mentality, to find and keep our common root in nature and unite us as a species, finally, but this time in peace and sharing. I Truly think this is the only way we will survive as a species, experience the Present days as they are, and see through the changes taking place to make more correct decisions on what the next step will be as a species.


Art has developed, but never surpassed the ancient. I have the greatest prayers that the work we do can better reflect the timeless and perennial wisdom, reinvigorate our spirits to be in accord with the Great Spirit, and heal this damaged planet and all the life that loves to live, just as we. I thank all the great artists of the past and present. As Martina Hoffman has pointed out, the history of visionary art goes back to the beginning of ancient history, so its source lies beyond that memory that has been recorded on the stones of old. They are signposts. It is an unbroken tradition which carries a message within it of who/what we really are as humans, like illustrations of the many aspects of our spirit in time and space. It can be seen on so many different levels and as stated I personally do not think we have improved as artists. we have changed materials somewhat. Our story is Old and is told and retold in innumerable ways. Will we ever step back and attempt to see this life as a whole? The mediums used are oils, pencils, inks, watercolors, pastels, and clays of different kinds.

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Ceramic, Sculpture

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