Jerrie Hurd

Studio #23

2010 Goss St, Boulder, CO 80302

From Canyon turn south on 21st Street. One block later, 21st turns and becomes Goss Street. Studio is behind the little yellow house with the big-big house numbers--2010 Goss Street. Studio can be seen from the street. Take sidewalk at side of house and up stairs to studio above garage.

I am a figurative photographer who often works in or around water because I think showing the human form in water creates an ethereal quality. It is also more challenging to photograph because a model floating in water can’t hold a pose. I also do figurative work in other environments as well as studio work. That’s worth noting that I work in both black and white and color. Many figurative photographers choose to work only in black and white.

My work has appeared in juried shows from Florida to California. I have shown at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts, for example, and regularly appear in shows in Tampa, FL. I have also shown in galleries in Taos, NM and Jackson Hole, WY. Recently Katherine Ware juried a show for the Bartlett Arts Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. She selected one of my photos “Suspended Swimmer” as Second Best in Show.

As a published novelist (Simon Schuster/Pocket Books), I like to think I bring a writer’s sensibility to my photography. I want my images to stay with the viewer the way a good story does. A really good image should arrest and invite the viewer to study what’s going on in the image. Because I’m looking for moments that suggest story, I do minimal manipulation of my images afterward. I do choose the settings carefully, work with professional models, and carefully set up most of my shoots. I work almost exclusively with the nude human form because I think the vulnerability of the human body—unadorned—allows me to capture images that are about the raw, exposed struggle that defines being human as well as the deeper beauty that most of us hide behind clothes and masks.


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