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John Horner

Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

4949 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

Suite 108: South side of 4949 Broadway in the middle of the building on the first floor.

My explorations in the visual arts have taken me down many paths. In time I have narrowed the mediums I work in to two, mixed media painting in various genera’s, printmaking (in various intaglio techniques though primarily aquatint etching ) and monotype stencil prints.

With the exception of my abstractions, behind all my work is a lot of drawing, both in preparation as in the case for prints.
My prints vary from the abstract toward the representational, often the initial stimulus for an image comes through a chance encounter with an animal, environment or even through the situations that we humans find ourselves in that can be so perplexing or even inspiring.

Working in the monotype stencil technique allows me to quickly translate an image into a stencil or stencils that I individually ink, sometimes brushing on ink, which is in turn placed on a plexiglas template inked separately. The plate then gets placed on the press where it's centered then the pre-soaked paper after dampening is placed on top, good side facing down after the blankets come down. Then it's rolled through the press. Each piece is unique. I add colors and apply various techniques as I see fit. Usually I pull about 10 prints in a session, all quite different from each other.

This monotype technique allows a lot of improvision that other print modalities such as etching cannot provide. In Monotype stenciling technique I tend to veer towards the expressive, but like the surrealists, I believe in the potency of letting my subconscious dictate where I go.

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