Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

2810 Wilderness Pl, Unit E, Boulder, CO 80301

FOR THE TOUR ONLY: Unit E, south side

Painting is my way to connect, and bring joy & inspiration into the lives of others. Whether painting in a representational, abstract or whimsical style, my intention is to light up a canvas or other surface with color, expression and zeal, in a fresh modern way. My inspiration comes from things I admire such as old barns or trucks; nature ~ landscapes & flowers; animals & birds; simple pleasures such as a coffee cup, wine bottle, or bicycle; or purely exploring colors, shapes, and textures. Exploring in an abstract style began my painting quest and remains an integral part of her artistic path.

A lifelong resident of Boulder, I currently living in rural Boulder County with my husband and two dogs. My studio, originally built as a horse stable and converted to a living space a few years ago, is filled with lots of art & energy. It is a unique and special place to create and gather with friends.

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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