Lori Hight

Boulder, Colorado

Juried Artist BPAF 2017

Lori grew up in Colorado and spent much of her childhood traveling in the Rocky Mountains. After getting her degree in Fine Art from Colorado State University in 1978, she began a career in graphic design. Leaving that behind, she rediscovered her love for the natural world and began to paint the peaceful, unpredictable beauty of the west. Along with being in several Boulder galleries, she has been involved in Boulder's Open Studio event for ten years, and served on the board in 2007.

From 2007 to 2012, Lori and her husband lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. She joined the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii and was fortunate to paint on four Hawaiian islands. Since returning to Colorado, Lori has continued to paint en plein air and in the studio. She teaches oil painting in her home studio. "To me, art is a type of communication, and plein-air painting the ultimate example. Putting yourself out there on the street or in the middle of a meadow begs for attention. People cannot help but pause and take you in, sometimes bravely approaching. An instant rapport is formed, and eyes are opened. The scene you've decided to capture now gains importance to them as well. You've given it importance by not only really seeing it, but by working to capture it in paint or other medium. Bonds are formed with your audience, and the exhilaration of working outdoors in the fresh air, with rapidly changing conditions is magnified."


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