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Sam Hauser

Oil and Silk Painting

805 39th St, Boulder, CO 80303

Home located about halfway down 39th Street between Baseline and Aurora. If coming down Baseline - turn North on 37th Street and take frontage road to 39th.

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Everyday moments and images stack within us; developing and transforming who we are breath to breath and moment to moment. In every year, at every age I feel myself “becoming”. Memory swirls into color and form and I paint a world of whimsy and wonder.

In my work, I celebrate the pulse that flows through all of us. I am drawn to anything living and vibrant: botanicals, animals, and, most of all, the people. My oil and silk paintings are developed over time through a process of layering color and material. Imagery and abstract color relationships dance together in a dream-like space. Some areas feel obscure while others are more true to life.

The integration of silk painting into my practice was a natural progression. In oils, the rich pigments and metals galvanize me; discovering the intense hues found in dyes was like finding an unknown friend. In silk, I practice the ancient technique of batik while investigating our modern experience.

In my batik silk paintings, I surrender control. The wax flows and cracks with a life of its own, adding its mark to mine. Colors blend and layer in unconventional ways. The result is a collaboration between me (artist) and how I see things with the medium itself and what it chooses to do. It truly feels like a dance.

My spirited images are a reminder to breathe, to dream, and to simply just be in what you are becoming. You are not alone.

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