Bonnie Hanna

Studio #11

3651 Sugarloaf Road, Boulder, CO 80302

Bouder Canyon to Sugarloaf Road Mile Marker 3.651 Cabin is located just past Boulder View Road on the left.

I am ceramic artist working in the traditional ways of the Southwest and Western potters. I work with beautiful ancient clay bodies to produce patterned, smoke fired and horsehair pottery. My work is truly a labor of love- a love of creating positive and negative space, straight line on a curved surface and smoking pottery with all of its infinite possibilities and combinations. Every piece I make always engages me in this very exciting, organic process. Rhythms are created and I don't always know where the design will take me. Therein lies the magic for me. No two pieces are ever the same shape or pattern- like people, each is unique and one of a kind. 


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T: 303-444-1862

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