Mike Hamers

Studio #13

7259 Mt Sherman Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

Gunbarrel area, near 71st & Lookout Rd

My work is inspired by nature, beauty, and poetry. I work in several mediums: airbrush watercolor paintings, colored pencil renderings and fine art photography. For the past 40 years, being a designer, typographer and technical illustrator, as well as a lover of Surrealism and poetry, has influenced my recent resurgence in fine art over the past 6 years.


My latest project for 2018–19 was to self-published my first book called “Walking With Rumi”. It is a collection of my fine art photography carefully, consciously paired with the ecstatic poetry of the 13th century Sufi mystic popularly known as Rumi – 100 of his longer poems and 70 shorter quotations. It is all integrated through the creative use of page composition, font choices, and playful typographical treatments, which becomes both the glue and the lubricant between the words and the images. I also have a variety of framed enlargements from the book that unite poetry and photography. Publishing a set of 8 fine art Greeting Cards called “Rumi & Me” preceded the book. This series pairs 8 of my favorite flower images with a pertinent quote by Rumi.


I also have a visually interesting series of photos that were distressed by Nature, the sun and wind, of Native American Indian historic images in a whole new context that makes them even more powerful. I also have nature-based images of flowers and other botanicals done as hand-printed lithographs (from Bavarian limestone), airbrush watercolors, and photography. On occasion I explore more Abstract and Minimalist styles and subjects with my photographs.

Photography, Drawing, Painting/Airbrush

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