Brian Grossman

Studio #15

4706 Chatham St, Boulder, CO 80302

From 28th St, take Jay Rd East.  Left on 75th Street, 2nd right at North entrance of Heatherwoood Drive loop.  2nd right on Chatham Street

I carve stone and create abstract sculptures because I love to. Creativity offers me the freedom to experiment and evolve artistically and personally. Experimenting with forms and space are an invigorating part of my life. These inspirations help me implement the many changes I make daily in my efforts toward healing from the challenges of multiple sclerosis. My sculptures are three-dimensional representations of the dynamic energies of life... always active and evolving. I work to evoke the imaginative, creative spirit in all of us. 

Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media

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T: 303-444-1862

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