Doug Graybeal

Carbondale, Colorado
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Juried Artist BPAF 2018, 2019

After practicing the “hard line art” of architecture for forty years Doug decided to more deeply explore the softer more free flowing art of watercolors along with the vibrancy of pastels. With watercolors you have to go with the flow and let the mediums determine the outcome, working with the surprises. The addition of pastels allows further definition of critical elements and areas of focus. The watercolor underpainting sets the tone and values, while loosely defining elements and areas of interest in the painting. Pastels then develop the focal points and supporting characters, while the mystical qualities of the watercolor underpainting are preserved. The goal is to taking advantage of the unique qualities of each medium using them together to express the subject, moment and artist inner feelings.

A lifetime of enjoyment of the outdoors has created numerous fond memories, the essence of which I wish to capture in paintings for other to enjoy and use to stir their special memories. Painting allows one to develop current and old experiences into images with just enough detail to provoke further contemplation and recall.


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