Adderly Grant-Lord

4871 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

FOR THE TOUR ONLY. Thistle Galleries.

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My painting process immerses me in letting go and surrendering into the unknown to allow my more raw and unfiltered vitality and creativity to flow through me and into the canvas. This connection between the canvas and us is where the magic lives. While the intimate conversations my art inspires in me are different in the formation of each piece, as you see, feel and converse with my art, you too connect more robustly with your own aliveness. In the end, my art is a medium for you and the people around you to foster more freedom, meaning, and beauty with yourself and the world around you.

I will love my work to be known for my passion, unapologetic courage and raw aliveness. My work expresses an unbounded freedom inspiring deeper meaning and greater intimacy with beauty. I designs my art to transcend the painting itself creating works that form mediums of gratitude living between you, the people around you and the surrounding environments of your life.

Color inspires me. Color can change my mood in seconds. Different color combinations, for me, can determine happiness or sadness. I always work towards happiness. People also inspire me when they experience my work, whether they are viewing my paintings or wearing clothes that I have made with joy. That brings me incredible happiness and more inspiration


Art has the ability to inspire greater peace and sanity inside of us when we allow ourselves to be more moved by the beauty in our surroundings. Your ability to contribute greater value in your world is connected to the quality of conversations with beauty. The aesthetics of your surroundings should inspire an ongoing dialogue connecting you more fully to yourself, the value you are called to create and the surroundings of your life.


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