George Good

420 Hawthorn Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

West on Hawthorn from Broadway

I work as an artist full time from my studio/home. My pastel images are created with soft pastels on a sanded ground. The paper can be various colors or consist of an under painting with layers of pastel on top. There is texture in the paper and the strokes are applied loosely with an emphasis on color and form.

The works should excite the viewer and bring a new perspective to the subject. Sometimes paintings begin on location to get the feeling and immediacy of the place. I use vivid colors and explore their relationships to one another in an attempt to best convey a dramatic statement. I

hope to let the viewer experience my vision in a way that resonates with them. Ultimately we can connect in a way that is impossible with words, and that is one of the greatest and most rewarding results of creating art.

Painting/Watercolor/ Pastel

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