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Bryan Goldfeder, best known as BGOLD, is a Jewish glass blower from Denver, Colorado. BGOLD began his training through functional ceramics before securing a glass apprenticeship under John Hudnut at The Gather House in Frisco, Colorado in 2012. During his year at The Gather House, much of John’s training from the French and Mountain tradition was passed down along with a sound technical and ergonomic approach to glass.

Following this glass introduction, BGOLD embarked on a trip to Israel focused in study of Jewish ethics, culture, and Torah. He was based at a yeshiva in Jerusalem, which also housed a custom Chihuli installation exploring the power of fire and water on the human soul. This work and that exploration created the foundation for BGOLD’s current focus on functional Judaica aimed at elevating traditional practice through form, wall art and installations based in Jewish Mysticism, and joyous connections with others in the studio.

Back in the United States, Bryan worked his way back across the country through studio gigs at Brooklyn Glass, Prairie Dog Glass (Santa Fe), Bohemian Glass (Berkeley), Furnace Glass (Denver), and ultimately into Boulder where he finished a Latin Jazz degree in Upright Bass from the University of Colorado. His approach to music is very similar to the philosophy of glass, with the goal of elevating conscious connection to one's reality through beauty and flow.

In early 2018, a glass studio in Denver decided to close its doors, and the opportunity to purchase a furnace for melting glass came a-knocking. BGOLD was renting time to create some lines for a series of Judaica shows, so in March he hit the road to shows in Denver and Chicago, shared the story, and rolled back to town with the startup cash to buy a furnace and build some gear. Pilchuck Glass School had offered a working position for April and May, so he went out, learned more about running a studio, and came back to Boulder at the end of May to move into a new space in East Boulder and build BGOLD Glass Studio and Event Space.

BGOLD Glass Studio has been practicing small scale production, maximizing craft and minimizing waste, to bring meaningful installations and functional art into the world since June 2018. We melt 100% recycled glass that is collected from other art glass studios on the front range. A unique aspect of this operation is that we empower people who have never blown glass to come learn and experience one-off deep-dive adventures into the medium. Combining sound technique and a sustainable approach, BGOLD's goal is to empower, create, and make sustainable ART through community connection, functional objects, and meaningful installations.

BGOLD Glass has hosted hundreds of glass blowing experiences, many youth groups and summer camps with kids of all ages, a young men's group, apprenticeships, interns through CU boulder, and many more meaningful connections. BGOLD helped teach a class at Pilchuck Glass school in 2019 called “Glass as a Social Practice: Environmentalism” and we have hosted a few art exhibits in that vein.


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