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Jane Glotzer

Sculpture, Mosaic, Mixed Media

291 Wild Horse Circle, Boulder, CO, USA

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I combine hundreds and hundreds of tiny cut pieces to create a much bigger and much greater whole. I unite hundreds and hundreds of tiny cut pieces, the arbitrary and the varied, the airy bits of ephemera, the permanent chunks of stone and gem, the shiny slices of mirror and glass, the natural and the human-made. I paint with hundreds and hundreds of tiny cut pieces that get joined together into a larger expression of texture, space, line, and color: these hundreds and hundreds of tiny cut pieces eventually evolve into one integrated piece of my reclaimed, fine art mosaics. For 20+ years my primary focus has been a dedication to reducing waste and consumption by recovering, reclaiming, redesigning, repurposing and reusing the used, but not used up. I transform upcycled materials into renewed treasures with my contemporary approach to the ancient art of mosaics. Anything can be a starting point for my work. Salvaging and working with castoffs and discards, my art is often whimsical in appearance but always thoughtful in its environmental message.

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