Paula Gillen

4949 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304


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My artwork is brash, colorful, funny, and provocative. I create surreal imagery using my own photographs mixed with vintage bookplates, magazines, and other types of found imagery. My works are grouped into series based on conceptual themes created over a one to three year period. My primary media is digital photography used to create photomontages that I print myself. My prints are available as limited edition giclée prints. I am represented by Ten Nineteen, New Orleans. For more information please go to this website:

My most recent series Superpower Women in Space (featured in this slide show) started in the fall of 2018. Yearning to escape earthly issues and conflict, I found some breathing room in space. In this series of photomontages, women stand confidently on planets, in situations heroic, surreal or fantastical. Sometimes the narrative obliquely references conflicts found on earth or is a pun on the word "space" such as in "Domestic Space" where we find a suburban woman facing the endless task of vacuuming dust on Mars. Blending NASA and vintage images, op art, and fashion along with my own original photographs I have created a realm where forward-thinking women are in charge, and there’s a trap door to Earth if you get out of line.

"Paula is part of the Pictures Generation of artists, whose approach to art was shaped by the appropriation of media and advertising imagery. In her art practice, she mimics the techniques and content of media imagery but subverts the message by restaging the elements so her works have new social and political interpretations. Her influences are linked to a few different post-modern trajectories of art history, such as concept art, identity art, and feminist art."
- Curator Stephanie Browne 

Photography, Digital, Mixed Media

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