Paula Gillen

Studio #20

4949 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304


Paula Gillen's artwork is brash, colorful, funny, and provocative. She creates surreal imagery using her own photographs mixed with found imagery. Her work is grouped into series created over a one to three year period. Her primary media is digital photography used to create photomontages that she prints herself. She also works in paper collage. In the past she has explored film photography, clay sculpture, painting, and installation.  

"Paula is part of the Pictures Generation of artists, whose approach to art was shaped by the appropriation of media and advertising imagery. In her art practice, she mimics the techniques and content of media imagery but subverts the message by restaging the elements so her works have new social and political interpretations. Her influences are linked to a few different post-modern trajectories of art history, such as concept art, identity art, and feminist art."
- Curator Stephanie Browne 


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