Sandra Gaskill

Studio #56

3690 Aspen Crt, Boulder, CO 80304

My home studio is on the corner of Aspen Court and Linden, one block east of Broadway

I think of myself as a self-taught photographer. However, it might be more accurate to say that I was born with a very particular eye – for macro shots, flowers, abstract images – that draws me to places most people don’t even notice. Consequently, I rarely plan a shot. Often, the thing that catches my eye leads me on a journey of microscopic discovery. Some of my best shots come when I let go of my idea of the picture I thought I was after and allow the creative energy to take over and lead me to the photo that wants to be taken.

I love using my photographs as divination tools. Come by my studio and find out what I mean by this!


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T: 303-444-1862

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