Susan Garson

4649 Eldorado Springs Dr, Boulder, CO 80303

White earthenware is the perfect ceramic medium for these highly decorated pieces. It enables Susan to use these vessels as a canvas for colorful and lyrical imagery.Her narrative scenes create an aura of ritual and mystery. A number of forming techniques are employed including hand building, throwing and casting. Underglazes and overglaze enamels are used to create the imagery, with a clear glaze finish.

These works are a collaborative endeavor between Tom, a master potter and Susan a painter/artist who have been working together since 1984. The sculptural elements are made by Susan to give more of a dimensional quality to the pieces. Recently Tom has been making functional and sculptural pieces in porcelain and stoneware. Susan has been painting on wood, masonite paper, and other materials.

Painting/Water Media, Drawing, Ceramic, Mixed Media

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