Bart Galloway

Boulder, CO, USA

Juried Artist BPAF 2019

I am a painter that works primarily in oils on canvas. I work in a variety of settings including outdoors and in studio. I try to let the subject matter and my curiosity inform how I build the forms and space. I think I move between realism and surrealism depending upon if I am working from life or from a memory or feeling. For many years I painted portraits and figure based images. And I have used photographs in the past, especially with commission work. But more recently I find myself shying away from that as a source for my work. This is directly connected to moving to Boulder over a year ago with my wife and four year old daughter. I immediately began having a hard time staying in the studio due to the intense natural beauty surrounding me - especially the light, the rock and water. Right now I am focused on painting on site where the three converge. I've been taking a lot of time to scout locations that will give me a visual feast that might translate joy and keep me coming back for more and more days of painting.


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