Demry Frankenheimer

Studio #10

6431 Redwing Pl, Longmont, CO 80503

N on Diagonal Hwy L on 63rd St R at Niwot Rd L on Redwing Pl

My creative process starts with a basic understanding of my materials, an intention and a narrative that serves as the backbone for a piece. Through the use of materials such as kozo, silk, tea, needles, beeswax, eggshells, burnt paper and wool felt, I have developed a visual vocabulary, a language that enables me to define and articulate an experience, a concept or a moment in time. This intentional selection permits me to “write” what I see and sense. Within this language I play with the juxtaposition of these elements, exploring the interdependence of beauty and angst and their co-existence in the world. Sewing needles, for example, positioned within the lace like quality of the kozo might reference domesticity, the perception of mending or nurturing, conversely, en mass they can embody a different, more aggressive energy. Additionally, the layers of translucent silk with burnt edges, sewn on to burnt paper might invoke a beautiful yet slightly edgy reference to an unspoken, unseen past. Through this exploration and deliberate use of materials I am able to visually contextualize the world around me. 

Sculpture, Mixed Media

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