Demry Frankenheimer

6431 Redwing Pl, Longmont, CO 80503

N on Diagonal Hwy L on 63rd St R at Niwot Rd L on Redwing Pl

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My art work is a result of how I process the world. When an experience, event or idea is emotionally compelling I visualize how this "feels" and conceptually play with my materials. The subject matter, whether personal and/or global in nature, is expressed in multiple layers, literally and metaphorically. Once my narrative, the backbone of the piece, is formulated the work evolves in to its physical form. Through the use of specific materials and their juxtaposition I am able to "write" what I see and sense. For example in "The Ties That Bind," the burnt silk is stitched across a deep fracture in need of repair. Or as evident in "Broken Mended" where layers of sheer silk and kozo are peeled back to reveal something that has cracked under pressure, mended and rendered more beautiful than before. Using specific materials as my vocabulary I have developed an artistic language with the intention to visually capture and articulate the world within me and around me.

Sculpture, Mixed Media

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