Demry Frankenheimer

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The past year’s events have played out in many interesting and challenging ways within my studio. The scenarios included not feeling inspired to work, questioning how I work, changing the way I work, not wanting to work and wanting to work but not knowing how to work. 

Fortunately, since creating is my approach for processing life’s events, the inspirations began to seep back in. The creative resurgence was sparked by The 100 Day Project, a challenge for artists to create every day, for 100 days, even for a short time. Used teabags served as my canvas and brief studio time rolled into hours of time. Throughout the 100 days I explored new materials and experienced a sense of freedom by not attaching an agenda to each piece. What arose as I stepped into my studio resembled a penned journal, transforming each of the 100 teabags into a "page." And yes, although intentions were not laid out, numerous pieces embodied layers of universal life stories needing to be felt, heard, and shared.

As with all of my art, the materials play an essential role and adopt a vocabulary of their own. One example, sewing needles, typically considered a basic, domestic tool, could signify a line not to cross, protective sentinels or perhaps the resurgence of inner strength. The intention here is to offer a dialogue around restoring power to those deemed weak or less than.

This past years’ Studio time breathed in fresh possibilities, as well as confirmed my creative process. Again, similar to a journal, my artwork is a visual interpretation and articulation of the world within and around me. When an experience, event or idea is compelling I envision how this narrative "feels” and begin the process of constructing its physical form. The intention is to take the emotive response and physically capture the sought-after sensations. And, although concepts and stories are layered within, elements of basic, artistic intuition occur.

In all honesty, layers, and stories aside, when my audience has experienced a personal, intimate dialogue with my work, it is at that moment when I feel I have truly offered something of value.

Sculpture, Fiber, Mixed Media

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