Gregory Fields

1732 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304


A ceramic artist since 2003, I currently create sculptures in ceramic, steel, and occasionally wood. My pieces range from tall pillars clad with glazed ceramic relief carvings to small tabletop works. I also create colorful glazed ceramic wall murals/mosaics and individual art tiles. I use a robust clay body with low moisture absorption which is able to withstand weather extremes, making much of my work suitable for outdoor placement.  

I love to explore the natural world of animals, birds, insects, and plant forms in my clay work, very often combined with a variety of abstract shapes and designs. I am not drawn to realism, but rather find joy in creating forms that are more symbolic and even fanciful.

Two decades spent in a monastery in my younger days bring a contemplative spirit into much of my work. I feel a deep, serene beauty underlying the intense struggles of life, and often seek to express this through imagery carved in the most ancient medium of clay. I find inspiration in many places, from pre-Columbian Central American ceramics and stonework to Matisse’s paper cutouts. I am especially interested in incorporating my art into the public space and very much enjoy the collaboration that is at the heart of such work.


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