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Linda Faul

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media, Jewelry

8483 Stoneridge Terrace, Boulder, CO 80302

The studio is located in the home of Linda Faul, which is at the top of the Crestview Estates neighborhood.

Linda's inspiration for painting has become a passion; a desire for self-expression, enthusiasm and inner peace within herself. Linda enjoys painting subjects from across the United States; southwestern themes, barns from the northeast and the mountains and plains of Colorado. She has a personal painting style which combines realism with a touch of fantasy. She incorporates bright, brilliant colors into her landscapes. Linda's signature 'buffalo paintings' are popular and sought after by collectors nationwide. Her colorful creations of the mountains and it's creatures are what she is best well known for in the local art community.

Additionally, Linda is also a jeweler! She creates hand-beaded necklaces and earrings, that incorporate her colorful artistic style.

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