Cathy Faughnan

2795 Heidelberg Dr, Boulder, CO 80305


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I have always been a visual person and studied design, architecture and urban planning at the University of Colorado and worked in this field in New York City. I grew up sewing my own cloths and have always loved creating. I began painting seriously in 2017 and enjoy the challenge of capturing the essence of an object, person, animal or scene. I love color and the life it brings to the painting and strive to transform subjects and bring them to life in a modern impressionistic style. I enjoy letting the paint "do what it wants to" and am always surprised how my vision for the piece translates onto the canvas. I use my art to express the joy or injustices I see in the world which leads me to paint a variety of different subjects and explore different styles of painting. I often use mixed media to add interest and meaning to my work.

Painting/Oil/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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