Timolyn Esson

Boulder, CO

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As an artist, I am always asked what inspires me. I find it is usually the small and ordinary things I happen upon in my daily life. These simple inspirations change as quickly as my children grow out of their jeans, but I have found a common thread through them all.

I love vibrant color. I love the feel of a new box of Crayolas. My favorite is the 96-pack with built in sharpener. I remember the first day of each new school year and the ultimate day when Magenta was gone.

I love every inch of a child. Their faces. Their eyes. Their hands. I love their simple gestures, their spontaneity and their unabashed moods. I love freckles, curly hair and crazy teeth. I love that moment of pure innocence. It is hard to find in the hectic society we all live in. When I come upon it, it takes over the moment and simplifies my life, if only for that instant.

My art brings together all the things that inspire me. Like the innocence of a child, I throw all of my loves in one piece only to see what becomes of it. My hope is that my art lets us reflect and maybe even relive a moment of our childhood, and through this experience, we all become inspired.

While raising my family in Boulder, I earned a BFA from the University of Colorado, with an emphasis in photography and painting. I create mixed-media pieces with images I take of the children and families I photograph through my family photography business. I love to embed these images in either acrylic paint or encaustic wax and oil stick, to reflect the spontaneous and unstructured days of childhood. Most of this work is done on commission though I also create pieces just for myself.

As my own children have aged, I am also creating encaustic pieces with images of nature or no embedded images at all. This is a response to letting go of my identity as a mother and care-taker, and just living in the moment of what my life is today.

Painting/Acrylic/Encaustic, Photography

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