Willi Eggerman

Studio #49

1815 Orchard Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

4th house west of 19th on Orchard Ave.

I have a practical nature. I love making useful objects with clay. However, I do want my work to blur the line between art and craft. In our natural world each leaf or flower conforms to its patterns of nature. You easily recognize it by its family or genus, but still is marked by the forces of the wind, water and sun it endures. Similarly, in my work, the pieces are related but each piece remains unique, a mark in time of my thoughts and feelings as I make. I hope that people will connect with my work, love using it and find additional joy in the moment by using the pieces in their daily life.

Much of my tableware is a hand made canvas. After forming, I draw and paint on each piece with unique designs. I begin with pigmented slips, sometimes incising into the clay, sometimes trailing a raised line. I paint with waxes, oxides, clay slips and glazes and intentionally leave bare clay in areas as well. During the firing all of the areas are additionally glazed by an atmospheric type of firing called salt firing. The salt, added to the gas kiln late in the process, reacts through a chemical restructuring of sodium to the silica that is in clay and glazes. The firing adds a flame carried glass to the surfaces of everything in the kiln, including the shelves and walls and even the bottoms of the work as it is lifted off the shelves by little pieces of 'wadding'. My painted pots are left with matte, sheen, and lusciously runny areas relating to the materials I've painted on.

Another section of my work is fired in a gas kiln that my husband and I built at my own studio over 20 years ago. The work I put into this kiln is often carved or textured work with more simple glazing that shows of the pattern in the clay itself.

For the last decade I have been sculpting figures and wall pieces for the home as well as making tableware. It is especially engaging to sculpt a figure, to nudge a personality and mood from clay. My work continues to evolves as I take on new challenges in my studio each year. That's what keeps me going after over 30 years of working with this medium. The possibilities with this medium are endless.

Years ago, I began using the seed pod as well as other botanical imagery in my work as metaphors for life changes. I use the pod structure as a symbol of women and specifically of motherhood and protection of life. I find it beautiful as it swells and opens, even as it disintegrates. I revere the strength and practicality of the many forms it takes and in all of its stages. You'll continue to find the seed pod's essence in my sculptures and in drawings on my work. I wish to honor the women of the world who do so much of the work to keep our societies peaceful and nurturing.

Ceramic, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Jewelry

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