Willi Eggerman

On display at the Holiday POP! Gallery

1815 Orchard Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

4th house west of 19th on Orchard Ave.

I make unique ceramics for your table, home and garden.  

Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel or slab built, usually of porcelain. Hand built forms are created with carved or impressed textures. Thrown pieces are often my canvas. On them I draw and paint with oxides and glazes. Most of my work is glazed twice, once by me and then again in an atmospheric salt firing that leaves a flame carried glass over every outer surface of the work. This final glaze from the kiln finishes and enhances my decoration and I consider and leave room for that final finish with each piece.

My tableware is robust and meant to be used daily. They are art pieces that you can hold and use. Together the work is , all related but still individual. They are one of a kind works that can become heirlooms, collected and handed down.

I also make contemporary sculptures for the garden and smaller pod sculptures for inside or out. All of these are hand built from stoneware. They can live outside year round.  

In addition I sculpt the figure, particularly women as I revere the particular strength, intelligence and resiliency of women in our families, our communities and in the world. Sometimes I use the seed pod as a symbol for women and that appreciation. Generally, my sculpture is in a scale made for your home.

I'm happy that my work appeals to those who love the natural world, both earth & sea. My artwork brings some essence of these into our daily life in form, color, texture and tactility. I hope it brings joy to peoples daily life.

Ceramic, Sculpture, Painting/Acrylic

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