Naomi Edelberg

548 Coughlin Meadows Rd, Boulder, CO 80302

I am is a self taught artist and I employ a variety of techniques. I focus on commissioned site-specific architectural projects as well as smaller hanging glass creations, glass and metal screens and sculptures for both private clients and galleries.. My site-specific projects, four of which are National Public Art Projects, are large-scale installations. These large scale works, provide me the opportunity to explore various themes, expanding on my passion of creating work which is relevant. My smaller gallery pieces are more works of color, texture and composition. My smaller works are created with a specific site in mind.


The glass medium  is potent with its complex evolution and variation. Though glass can be a rigid and unforgiving medium, the natural fluidity that lies within the glass itself, helps me to expand on its sensuality, allowing its natural swirls, textures and vibrant colors to find their full expression.

I was born in Montreal, Canada. I have traveled extensively and lived in many corners of the world where extreme natural phenomena occur daily. From the upper atmosphere to the depths of the oceans I have spent years translating these concepts into glass images. Being married to a space scientist has had a unique effect on my evolving style. I often translate natural phenomena into glass creations. One of my goals is to use reclaimed glass and lead free solder as often as possible. I am committed to finding new ways to create my art while putting less of a strain on our earths' resources.


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