Sally Eckert

1620 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO 80304


I have been a visionary story teller all my life. I have been drawing, painting, making stuff from small-scale paintings to huge murals to record life’s journeys. I have profound dreams and meditations, showing me images about transformation and growth. I believe a painting can hold an individual lesson for each person to experience. It can help guide a person to a new place of understanding. As an artist you hope for the ability to bring a little joy and a new perspective to the person who passes by your work.

I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a B.F.A in Environmental Design in 1989. Later I went to Spain and Vienna to study the Dutch Master’s egg tempera technique. I have been painting the West and the beauty of the rocks since I moved to Colorado in 1992. I own and operate my studio art space in North Boulder at the Holiday neighborhood.

The images of the West have had a profound experience on me as a person. The ability to be part of the Earth and it’s huge potential for beauty is something I hope to share with others. My work is about growth from the smallest piece to a large public mural. 

I mostly paint in egg tempera or acrylic. Egg tempera creates a piece that can literally hold the reflected light in a painting. As a painting technique I feel that it has the depth of color and precision to represent this land and transformational concepts. Egg tempera is a layering process. The first layers are called the under painting. One starts with a traditional red orche back ground, then paints the whole image with white egg tempera, creating the bright white high lights. The next layers are, gold orche, blue, and all with white high lights to create the under painting. Then all the mid tone colors are glazed in oil, onto the painting. Lastly the highlights and shadows are added.

I also use acrylic for all my mural and hand painted furniture commissions. I also use thin layers of colors and under paintings to create the depth in my images. I always enjoy having several paintings in egg tempera in different stages as my demonstration. This gives visitors a chance to see the different layers of this old technique and how they affect each other as the painting is created. I also like to have a visual board of different stages of murals being painted in the layering process.

Being an artist is a gift for me, that I truly feel blessed to be part of and share with others.


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