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Margaret Donharl


1150 Orange Pl, Boulder, CO 80304

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I am a painter who layers brilliant animals, birds, flowers and landscape over symbol and pattern. My process involves applying acrylic paint and glazes onto recycled hardwood doors using my own hand cut stencils. While not attempting a literal portrayal, I always include realistic images in the final layers.  Always inspired by nature and design – my subjects are elegant symbols of beauty, of fragility and impermanence. Their grace and vulnerability connect us with our deeper selves and beyond. My intention is to cause a spark of imagination and emotional response in the viewer – allowing new interpretations and personal connections to the natural world. 

As an artist, I strive to bridge my painting with my concern for the environment. My hope is that by connecting the viewer with the subject, we will be reminded of our interdependence as stewards of this planet.

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